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rehearsing Sophocles Nausicaä

  Poseidon vs. Odysseus “Poseidon god of the earthquake launched a colossal wave, terrible, murderous, arching over him, pounding down on him, hard as a windstorm blasting piles of dry parched chaff, scattering flying husks…” The Odyssey, trans. Robert Fagles Sophocles Nausicaä rehearsal with The Chocolate Heads in Stanford Theater and Performance Studies‘ Prosser Studio

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Sophocles’ Nausicaä at Pillar Point

The Production… At 1:08 p.m. on July 10th, 2016 we performed a site specific production of Sophocles lost drama Nausicaä at Pillar Point The weather was sunny with a temperature of 72℉ The duration of the performance was 65 minutes for an audience of 37 Aleta Hayes, Jamie Lyons, Judy Syrkin-Nikolau, Benjamin Cohn, performance art…