Savage Blasts: Sophocles Fragment #116 at The Wave Organ

We performed a site responsive theatre piece using a fragment of text from a lost Sophocles tragedy at the Wave Organ in San Francisco.    Informally, the piece is called Savage Blasts.  This work is part of a larger project called IOTA that brings to life the fragments for the lost plays of AeschylusSophocles, and Euripides.

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The Fragment…
he blows no longer on small pipes,
but with savage blasts,
without a mouthpiece.


The Wave Organ
an acoustic sculpture
installed on the shore of
San Francisco Bay in May 1986
by Peter Richards of the Exploratorium
and sculptor and mason George Gonzales

Savage Blasts, Wave Organ, performance art, live art, dance, theatre, Lauren Dietrich Chavez, we players, san francisco bay, bay area artists, stanford theater, theater collaboration

a series of 25 PVC organ pipes
the wave organ interacts with the waves of the bay
conveying sound at different areas within the site.

The structure incorporates stone pieces
salvaged from the Laurel Hill Cemetery


Lauren Dietrich Chavez (movement), Derek Philips (sound) and Dylan Johnson (costumes)

site specific, site responsive, environmental theatre, live art, theatre, theater, dance, performance, lauren dietrich chavez, we players, derek phillips, collected works, design, wave organ, soundscape, movement, tragedy, classical, lost plays, sophocles, drama, stanford, stanford alumni, dylan johnson, san francisco, san francisco, theater bay area


Lauren Dietrich Chavez, Sophocles, Wave Organ, site specific, theatre, theater, performance, live art, theater bay area, environmental, san francisco, documentation, photography, dance, movement, stanford, performance studies, classical, tragedy


May, 2016

Performance Duration…
approx 30min

Sophocles Savage Blasts at the Wave Organ