Russian Site Specific Theatre in the 1920s

Photographs by Alexander Grinberg (1885-1979,) one of the most respected Russian photographers of the 20th c. His prestige was on the rise throughout the 1920s until 1929 when, under the storm of the cultural revolution the “old school” of Soviet photography came under fire as “depraved”, and Grinberg fell out of favor. His photography was declared inappropriate for Soviet morale, as a feature of the “overindulged idleness of the rich”. Grinberg risked one more exhibition of his work in 1935 with images of partially dressed women, raising a storm of criticism. Consequently, for his unorthodox vision of photography he was arrested and sentenced to a labor camp for distribution of pornography. By 1939 he was released on early parole, for good behavior and industriousness, although by the time of his release he had permanently lost his sense of smell. He resumed work as a photographer for a variety of institutions such as museums and taught photography.