Paul Nash’s Laocoôn

There are places, just as there are people and objects… whose relationship of parts creates a mystery.

Paul Nash’s A Private World
comprises 25 photographs
taken between 1931 and 1946

the images were taken on
a pocket Kodak series 2
(the only camera he ever owned)
given to him by his wife

Nash’s photography captured prehistoric sites
the seashore
dead trees
and enclosed gardens

the same subjects he depicted in painting

Conrad Aitken
described his approach to photography stating….

You would meet him anywhere, everywhere; perched on a stile miles from anywhere in the middle of the [Romeny] marsh, you would find him waiting to get a very special and particular light on the reeds…Once I discovered him astride an old wreck of a steamroller, which had been abandoned by a corner of the muddy little river. And once flat on his belly in the middle of the path to the shipyards, taking, from the earthworn angle–angleworm?–a peculiar foreshortened photograph of the some up-ended, half-finished fence posts. In fact, he was into everything.