Love is The Fullest Education: Euripides Fragment No. 91

At 6:57 a.m. on April 7th, 2016 Muriel MaffreRyan Tacata and myself performed a site responsive theatre production of a fragments of one of the lost tragedies by Euripides on Slacker Hill in the Marin Headlands.  Informally, the piece we called the work Love is The Fullest Education and the fragment relates the myth of Zeus’ seduction of Io in the form of a cloud.  This work is part of a larger project called IOTA that brings to life the remaining fragments of the lost plays of AeschylusSophocles, and Euripides.

The weather on the day of performance was partly cloudy, with a temperature of 59℉, and winds between 20mph and 30mph.

The duration of the performance was six and a half minutes
for an audience of myself and Ryan.

The Fragment…

Love is the fullest education…

…in lovely wisdom…

He is the pleasantest of all the gods
for mortals to consort with.

He possesses a pleasure
that brings no pain,
and leads me to hope.

May I not be among those
uninitiated in his toils.

May I keep clear of his savage ways!

To the young I say,
never flee the experience of love,
but use it properly when it comes.


The Location…

Slackers Hill, Marin Headlands

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Love is The Fullest Education on Slackers Hill, Marin Headlands