Golden Gate Fields

originally Rancho San Antonio
owned by José Domingo Peralta
Peralta sold it in July 1852 to John Fleming
who used it as a transhipment point
for shipping his cattle across the bay
for slaughter and processing

later in the 19th century
it became the site of the Giant Powder Company
a manufacturer of black powder, dynamite and nitroglycerin…

between 1879 and 1892
the plant blew up four times

prior to World War II,
Golden Gate Fields built its grandstand
the inaugural race was on February 1, 1941
that same year
the track was used as the scene of the crime
central to the plot of the movie
Shadow of the Thin Man

at onset of World War II,
the United States Navy took over the property
renaming it “Albany Naval Landing Force Equipment Depot”
storing hundreds of landing craft
destined for use in the Pacific theater

after the war,
Golden Gate Fields resumed horse racing

site specific theatre location