Euripides’ Sciron (E.49)

Satyrs, led as usual by their ‘father’ Silenus,
are in servitude to Sciron;
they tended, not their master’s animals for his enjoyment,
but passers-by whom they lured with prostitutes

Sciron then killed these unfortunate men
until Theseus came by,
destroyed Sciron,
and freed the satyrs.

The Fragments…

Hermes, for you indeed… hold…

You can take these with you if you pay one ‘colt’,
and those, if you pay a ‘pair in harness’;
and these others actually go for four ‘silver horses’.
Men like the ‘girls from Athens’,
when (someone) has plenty with him…

almost the same size as a Corinthian girl’s mattress,
and your foot won’t stretch beyond the cushion.

It is certainly good to punish vile men.

… or fix to the branches of wild fig trees…