No Man’s Friend: Euripides Fragment # 266 At Aquatic Park

At 5:55 a.m. on July 1st, 2015 we performed a site responsive theatre production of an unattributed fragment of one of the lost tragedies by Euripides’ at Aquatic Park in San Francisco.  Informally, the piece is called No Man’s Friend.

based on Euripides’ fragments
adapted and directed by Jamie Lyons
with Val Sinkler & Jamie Freebury

The Fragment…

No man’s friend stays faithful to his tomb.


No Man's Friend, Aquatic Park, San Francisco, Site Specific Performance, theatre

In 1902, it became illegal to bury new bodies in the city
By 1921, the bodies were being moved en masse to Colma
By 1941 nearly all of San Francisco’s cemeteries were gone

Most of the city’s early dead
that filled the early cemeteries were loners
miners and immigrants

These bodies ended up in mass graves in Colma,
and their tombstones were put in the city’s rubble pile
to be used in building projects within the city

Aquatic Park
a WPA project started in 1936
is made up of these tombstones
harvested from the relocation of the city’s cemeteries
to Colma between 1914 and 1941

No Man's Friend, LaurelHill

Euripides No Man’s Friend at Aquatic Park