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Aeschylus’ The Argo at San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park

The early stages of the Argonaut expedition perhaps even its very beginning The Argo was constructed by the shipwright Argus with the help of Athena In her prow a piece of timber from the sacred forest of Dodona spoke prophecies In the end Argo was consecrated to Poseidon then translated to the sky into the…

James Baldwin: “Take This Hammer” (1963)

“There is no moral distance between the facts of life in San Francisco and the facts of life in Birmingham.” In the summer of 1963, the KQED Film Unit invited author James Baldwin to investigate racism in San Francisco. Baldwin agreed to be filmed while he scrutinized the liberal, cosmopolitan image projected by the city….

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The Mechanics Monument by Douglas Tilden

In April of 1937, in a demonstration that ‘Athletic dance was the future sport of American men”. Ted Shawn and His Men Dancers performed at The Mechanics Monument by Douglas Tilden. The sculpture, located at the intersection of Market, Bush and Battery Streets in San Francisco, was dedicated on May 15, 1901. President Theodore Roosevelt…