Euripides’ Cretans

The Play…
Minos claims the kingship of Crete
asserting it is the gods’ gift to him
believing that Poseidon
will send him a sign
a bull from the sea
and he vows
to sacrifice that bull in return

A magnificent animal appears
and Minos takes the throne
but he keeps the bull
and sacrifices another

Poseidon punishes him
by afflicting his wife Pasiphae
with a lust to mate with the bull

She persuades the craftsman Daedalus
to make her an artificial cow
inside which she places herself
to mate with the bull.

She gives birth to the Minotaur
a human with the head of a bull

The Location…

Eagle Point Labrynth

Eagle Point Labyrinth

The Yelamu Ohlone
lived at Lands End
prior to the Spanish settlement in 1776

After the Gold Rush
entrepreneurs built the Cliff House
a fashionable resort for the wealthy

By the 1860s
a horse-drawn stagecoach
made the trip from downtown San Francisco to Lands End
via Point Lobos Avenue

In the 1880s
millionaire Adolph Sutro
constructed a passenger steam train
from downtown to Lands End
that cost 5¢
given inflation
this would be
$1.12 today

The Labyrinth at Eagle Point
was created by Eduardo Aguilera in 2004